Loose lips lead to lawsuits over allegations from ‘The Godfather’ set

1972: The cast of the film, 'The Godfather' pose for a family portrait during the wedding scene in a still from the film, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and based upon the novel by Mario Puzo. Left to right: Robert Duvall, Tere Livrano, John Cazale (1935 -1978), Gianni Russo, Talia Shire, Morgana King, Marlon Brando and James Caan. (Photo by Paramount Pictures/Getty Images)
Gianni Russo and Talia Shire, center, during their “Godfather” wedding scene. Russo has filed a defamation suit over claims he allegedly hit Shire during filming.Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

Director: Francis Ford Coppola. Cast: Al PacinoMarlon BrandoGianni RussoJames CaanDiane KeatonTalia Shire. Movie: “The Godfather.”

Rating: Considered the best film ever made.

Lawyer Barry Slotnick, who knew the players, got Gianni his role. That was 1972. This is 2022. Gianni’s current lawyer is Barry’s son, Stuart Slotnick, who says he just filed a defamation suit on behalf of Gianni.

Gianni: “I’m nearly 80 now. I’m upset. I’m suing its producer Al Ruddy who was my friend 50 years. We even traveled together. I’m suing because of what he’s saying about me and that movie.

“Like, in one scene, Talia Shire’s crying and my character, Carlo Rizzi, is standing 10 feet away. Coppola’s slapping her legs with a belt. She’s padded. He’s barely touching her. It was all choreographed. Me, I never hit her.

“Now, a quarter of a century later, Ruddy’s doing ‘The Offer,’ doing special evenings and conversations about the film and telling audiences how I hit Talia Shire,” Russo claimed to me.

“No. I did not. First I ever heard this. I never beat up a woman,” Russo said. “Never touched Talia with my hand. Talia’s parents were on the set. My own mother had been beaten and was institutionalized. And my grandchildren who heard this got upset. Talia’s manager actually told me that Ruddy actually said that.”

Yeah. OK. So?

“I’m upset. So Slotnick’s now suing Al Ruddy for defamation.”

Why? People now say 20 years ago I once was charming and lovable.

“Get Slotnick. Sue them.”

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